Five Things Homeowners Must Do When Renovating Their Home

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Renovation or remodeling is an exciting and challenging time for homeowners. According to recent studies, nearly two-thirds of consumers are planning to renovate their homes, and homeowners spend one to four percent of the value of their home on maintenance and repairs annually. This means that a $200,000 home normally uses $2,000 on maintenance and repairs. The following are some of the things you need to keep in mind as a homeowner when renovating.

  1. Create a plan of action before you begin: As a homeowner, there is nothing more important than creating a step of action. This is the plan that will guide you every step of the way in your home remodeling journey. Have a plan on where to store your valuable, how to handle deconstruction and gutting, and have a clear schedule of when to commit to certain actions. A timeline helps you not to drag the project but stay on schedule, so you save time and money. The longer a project takes the more money you use. A schedule also helps avoid the stress that comes with the mess and chaos of home renovation.
  2. Have a budget and stick to it: It is easy to get ahead of yourself with what you can afford when undertaking a home improvement project. Obviously, you want the best and you want things to be perfect, but sticking to the budget helps you not to break your bank but still get the dream space you desired. While budgeting, be sure to leave a little room for flexibility and unforeseen issues. You may end up needing new home windows though they were not in the original plan or a roofer might need to get some new materials for your roof.
  3. Do your research if you are on a budget: There are tons of gems available if you are willing to do a little research. That rag or roofer you saw on a high-end shop can be bought for a fraction of the money elsewhere, but you won’t find it if you won’t look for it. If you are a homeowner on a budget, this is a great way to save on cash and get the exact items, feel and look you wanted in your house. You can look for items online, thrift shops and second-hand furniture shops to see how far you will get to get the exact item, or something similar.
    The research will also be essential when looking at contractors such as a roofer to help with your remodeling. You want to go with someone who has enough experience, professional and creative within their decision-making and construction ideas.
  4. Look out for signs of subsidence: Are you thinking of going wider? Subsidence is something you must look out for. It does not always spell disaster, but cracks 3mm wider on the exterior or cracks that seem to grow bigger from smaller ones should raise an alarm. Subsidence will make it hard to obtain building insurance which will cause problems. You may end up paying any relevant treatments yourself before you get insurance. This is likely to results in high premium rates, allowing the seller to claim against their insurer, which will allow the work to be carried out under their insurance.
  5. Make sure you have homeowner’s insurance: Homeowners insurance and permits are as important as a solid plan if not more important. Insurance is your security against possible material theft. It also covers a good part of renovation cost which will be a relief on your part. Permits must be issued for safety purposes. Renovations can be hazardous to homeowners, their neighborhood, and even on a contractor such as a roofer.

Remodeling is a more complex process as it involves changing the structure of your home while renovating simply involves restoration. This means that you need to be adequately prepared if you are to have a successful project. The above tips will guide you on what to expect, how to proceed, and emerge with space you can truly enjoy.

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