3 Tips For Winter Rooftop Maintenance

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Home renovations can be a lot of fun and provide value boosts to your property’s worth. Over the winter, it can be difficult to perform various household improvements, though. But you should regularly be inspecting and taking care of your home’s roofing.

If you neglect your roof maintenance and care over the winter, you’ll end up having to spend a significant amount of money for replacement work. In fact, a standard 2,200-to-2,600 square foot roof will cost homeowners as much as $8,500 to fully replace with help from a team of professionals.

In order to avoid completely replacing your roof, consider taking much better care of your roof and never neglecting its maintenance. Here are some winter roofing tips that will help keep your family comfortable during the cold months, safe year-round, and your home looking nice:

  • Get rid of snow right away — Snow on a rooftop might look nice during the holidays, but it can also cause major structural damage to your home if it’s left sitting for too long. Snow and ice add a significant amount of weight to your roof, meaning that any area where it’s even slightly compromised could be at risk of major damage. It’s important to remove all snow and ice from your roof as quickly and thoroughly as possible in order to keep it dry.
  • Inspect your attic’s ventilation — If your attic is poorly ventilated or insulated, it can lead to all sorts of problems. This can expose your roof to even more snow, ice, and cold weather, leading to all sorts of damaging issues. Go inside your attic and inspect your ventilation and insulation.
  • Work with roofing contractors — Though you can rid your roof of snow and properly insulate, in order to ensure that your roof is protected for the long winter, you should hire professionals. Experienced contractors can help you identify potential problems with your roof, as well as perform skilled repairs and maintenance work.

If you are in need of roof work this winter and want to work with some quality Delaware contractors, give Ceccola Construction a call right away.

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