Why You Should Leave Window Installation to the Professionals

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In today’s world, everyone is trying to save money. We all try to cut costs wherever we can. One area in which people try to cut costs and actually can save quite a bit of money is home improvement.

When it comes to home renovation, many people try the DIY method. The usual driving force behind attempting these projects themselves is to save money. By not hiring a contractor, homeowners save money in labor and installation costs.

Although this may sound appealing to many homeowners, it is usually not the best idea to attempt to DIY a wide array of renovation projects. When homeowners are not also professionals in home remodeling, products are not necessarily always installed correctly. This factor alone can cause a lot of potential problems and damage to the home, regardless of the project.

Window installation is one of those projects that is best left to the professionals. Replacement windows need to be installed properly in order to serve their intended function. Windows can last up to 20 years or longer, depending on the material, when they are of high quality and are properly maintained.

If you want your windows to last 20-plus years, they really need to be installed by a professional. If they are installed poorly by a homeowner trying to save money, serious consequences may follow. Here are some of those consequences.

Poor Weather Sealing
If windows are improperly installed, it could lead to having poor weather sealing properties. This means that your windows will leak. The cold air in the winter time will come in through your windows, and it will allow the heat from your house to escape outside. The same is true in the summertime. All your air conditioning will go right out the window, letting the hot air into your home in the same turn.

Windows that are unstable from not being installed properly can rattle and whistle during a storm. If there is even so much as some wind whipping by your house, these poorly installed windows will shake, causing a loud disturbance in the home.

As stated previously, windows that are not properly installed will let the elements from outside into your home. This is no different during a rain shower. This can be especially problematic because of the extensive water damage that may result from excess water coming in the home from the windows.

Short Lifespan
As a result of not only poor window installation, but the other factors previously mentioned, windows can occasionally dislodge themselves from the frame completely. Can you imagine coming home and one of your windows is no longer securely in place? This is probably the most dangerous result of poor window installation.

Windows are a very important part of the home’s structure. It is vital to have good quality windows to save money on heating and cooling bills, as well as keeping the elements of nature out of your home. If you’re thinking that you can do new window installation yourself in your home, remember these dangers and leave it to the professionals!

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