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Adding insulation to your attic along with sealing areas that allow air travel is one of the most cost effective projects you can do with your home. For a fraction of the cost of replacing your windows or installing insulated siding, you can insulate your attic and achieve the same energy savings.

Benefits of adding insulation and air sealing your home…

  • Increased comfort
  • Year round energy savings
  • Extends the life of your heater and air conditioner
  • Using less energy is great for environment

The Department of Energy suggest that we have enough attic insulation to achieve between a R39 – R60. Most homes built over 25 years ago have R13 or less and even newer construction only has R19. Ceccola Construction provides the following:

  • photo 1Attic insulation and ventilation
  • Air Sealing in attics, walls and foundation
  • Spray Foam (open and closed cell)
  • Energy audits

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